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    Tails Up offers the option of a morning or afternoon walk. Each are 90 minutes, not inclusive of pick up, travel and drop off times. 


    We provide a pick up and drop off service using our customized vehicle to ensure the safety and well being of your dog.  


    No day is the same.  Tails Up takes our K9 friends to a variety of off-leash and dog-friendly areas around the city that stimulate their senses and allow them to explore supported by a variety of games and activities. For dogs better suited to leash walks, we utilize that time to pack train so they gain confidence and learn appropriate behaviours. 


    Healthy treats are provided regularly to positively reinforce and reward good behavior. Water is available in abundance to ensure on-going hydration.  


    Any special requirements for your dog can usually be accommodated with ease. 


    All leashes and toys are provided.


    It's time to live your life off leash!

    ​Tails Up 




    90 min

    PICK UP (Approx)

    5 min – 40 min

    DROP OFF (Approx)

    5 min – 40 min

    TOTAL TIME (Approx)

    95 min (1hour and 40 min) – 170 min (2 hours and 50 min)